Wednesday, August 20, 2008

todays art

Today's art is a couple of ATC's I made last weekend.
The green one is grunge board the other is a napkin.

This envelope was stamped and I used a crown mask and it came out looking a bit like graffiti.
Whenever DH travels on business I make him a card and stash it somewhere in his luggage. This envelope traveled to Nebraska.

Don't forget to leave a comment this week to be entered into the drawing for the art book.

Another comment I would like to mention on my one year blog anniversary is how I became a blogger. I have to thank Sharon Tomlinson for that. I was planning to go to the Quilt Festival in Chicago a few years back and they were having a booth where you can send in 6 ATC's (artist trading cards) and when you go to the show you could pick 6 (or however many you sent in) ATC's in return. So I mailed mine in and planned to attend the show. Well, I didn't get to go to Chicago and just forgot about the art cards I mailed in.
Little did I know that the ATC's were sent to the Quilt show in Houston....enter Sharon. She went to the Houston show and traded for one of my little piece's of art. My info being on the back of the card she contacted me and asked my permission to publish my/her ATC on her blog. Of course!....What's a blog?
Then the addiction started. I went to her blog. Then I looked at some of her favorites and that led to other's favorites and so on.
Eventually I got up my nerve and one year and one day ago I started my pink crayon studio blog.

Thanks Sharon!!!


Sharon said...

So cool! We have a story. Does that mean I'm the winner? Just kidding. Somebody might think it was rigged.
Let me just say that I have so enjoyed all of your artful sharing this whole. You inspire me.

suze said...

Thanks again Sharon.You are so sweet!
It will be funny if you win the drawing.

suze said...
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Mo'a said...

I have not gotten into ATC's they are lovely and I can feel the itch to do a few for trade. It would help if I had ever seen one in person :)
Sharon is an inspiration...I am painting on canvas because of her...I wonder if she knows this? :)

Marc said...
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Marc said...

Happy belated Blogiversary! Those cupcakes were very there any lemonade?

zorana said...

Happy anniversary! I knew that Sharon inspired many (me included) but I had no idea that she led you to blogworld. What a great story! I'm glad it happened that way. How sweet of you to hide cards for your dh. xo

Robynsart said...

I just discovered you, and I must say your ATC's are beautiful. Congrats on the one year mark!

debbie musick said...

Thanks Sharon, for being Suze's inspiration! She has become mine! I don't post on my blog as much as I wish I did, but I read everyone's. Blogging is so much fun and I am glad I am a part of this one.