Thursday, January 7, 2010

hanging in there

My blog feels so naked without any photo's.
I downloaded some pic's and now I can't find them.
This weekend I will be able to go back to my old computer.
Things will be normal again.
I know things are supposed to be better with the new one.
Change is not always the best thing for me.
It is freaking cold here today!!!
It's 13 degrees.
That should be illegal.
I know there are people laughing at me from some of the colder states.
I lived in upstate NY for 7 years and got used to the cold.
But I don't care for the ice.
Last night after bowling we had to drive 25 miles home...
...on a solid sheet of ice!
It took nearly an hour....not my idea of fun.
And you have the nutballs that are driving like it's everyday traffic.
They nearly spun us out.
Today I am thankful to have power...
...and be in my warm home.
Not whining....just telling it like it is.


Anonymous said...

Our power flickered several times last night but it held out. Thank goodness!! Glad you made it home safely.

debbie musick said...

We lost power for 5 hours last night & my house got really cold! Glad you made it home safely--I know that was stressful!
I am getting ready for a week in Houston-looking forward to warm weather.

LadyTulip said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got home safe an' sound in all that Ice! ~ An' just who are those people who go flying down the highway in bad conditions anyway?!! Yikes.

Hang in there with the soon will least that's my mantra for the weekend..!!


Ronnie said...

Rub your hands together and stamp your feet! That's what I'm doing.
I lived in Michigan for four years and I now know why I love the South. That Canadian air is killer!
Happy New Year, Suze
Looking forward to pics!

Crafty Gal Linda said...

It's 25 degrees here...yuck...13??? Keep warm honey!


It's been bitter cold for the past couple of days, but We had 22 in SE Ohio, so it warmed up today:)

turquoise cro said...

Hey Suze! Just saw 11:11 on my clock and thought of YOU!!! hehe