Thursday, January 28, 2010

stormy weather

It's here...
the nasty freezing rain and ice covered everything!

I have food prepared that can be heated on the grill if we should lose power or should I say when we lose power. Shopping at the commissary yesterday was just plain nuts! We have the gas fireplace on and plenty of food. We can't even see out of any of the windows...they are ice covered. All 77 counties in Oklahoma are under a state of emergency.

So, DH is home and working from his laptop and I am up in the studio sewing up a storm so I will have something to do when we lose power. I hate wasting time. So I am up here with Ethel Merman and several other Broadway babies.

Remember my stash of selvedges? This is a little bag I made (I taught a class back in MD.)using the selvedge edges and dryer sheets. Easy peasy to make. Alex Anderson was coming to the quilt shop where I taught and the girls made her a bag like this using her line of fabric's. When I was at the Quilt Festival in Houston a few years back I saw Alex and she saw my bag and came up to me and said "I have one of those!" I smiled and said I know you do. That was so cool. I miss her TV show....I always learned something or got a new idea or two.

Thanks, girls for your comments...I appreciate them all!
I wish I had mentioned the dental stuff before going thru with the procedures. Oh well.

I will return tomorrow if I am able.

Have a safe and happy Thursday!


Ronnie said...

Funny about the heart on the pickle slice. You had me laughing over at Sandy's.
Nice selvages!

Susan said...

Hey there. Stay safe in all that ice. I feel like I have missed out on several of your posts this week. I guess I'm going to have to do better. Sorry about the root canal, my hubbs had to have one through a permanent bridge and said it was awfully painful. Hope all is well now. Take care and stay warm.

oldblackcatboo said...

Oh Dear! Good Luck with the ice storm! We had that kind of weather about 10 days ago. Fortunately we never lost power as we have SO many times in the past.
Here's hoping you stay safe and warm!

suze said...

Thanks far so good but it isn't over with yet.

五王 said...

Birthdays are good for you. The more you have, the longer you live. ....................................................

Rella said...

That is one cool bag!!

You guys are so prepared to ride out the storm, but I hope you don't have to.

xox Rella