Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Tuesday stuff

Still here....
...happily back on my old computer.
Lost the cord for downloading photo's.
Looked for it all day...
DH found it...right where I left it....duh!
So the last couple days I have been printing my own fabric.
It's so much fun but I have other things I need to attend to.

I printed these up for a project...
....the first person to tell me what they are will win a prize.
Hint: they are not square potato chips.

...tomorrow I will show you what this is.
It's one of my favorite gifts.
American Idol starts tonight!


Rella said...

Rats, I was SURE they were square chips...Well, as American Idol is on the in background I will take a guess or two. Fabric inchies? Hand made post its........


xox Rella

suze said...

Nice try Rella....but not the right answer. I'll give a hint...they are made of fabric.

Jacky said...

Loving your hand printed fabrics! This is a hard one Suze... what are those fabric squares for...are they the beginnings of a new quilt (maybe postage stamp size?). If they are bigger, maybe pages for a fabric book? I might have to come back with another guess later!

Looking forward to when American Idol starts over here again. Loved it last year, especially Adam!

Jacky xox

Rella said...

o.k.....now I have decided they are fabric pages for a book......perhaps a quilt book.

xox Rella
I just love games.