Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy New Year!!

Hello and Happy artful new year to all!
I am back from our Christmas trip back East.
We drove this year from Oklahoma to Maryland.
We needed to avoid getting the dreaded swine flu on a plane.
Anyway...we got a new computer and our old one is now up in the studio.
It's not hooked up to the internet yet....needs some kind of thingy to get it going. photo's :(
I have lots to show but I am learning the new Windows 7 on the new computer.
I have friends and family that check in on me thru my blog.... just letting y'all know we are OK .
Sorry for the boring first blog post of the year.... will get better.


Diva Kreszl said...

Happy New Year!!! Looking forward to your posts!

Susan said...

Welcome to Windows 7. I got a new laptop for Christmas and have been feeling my way around also. Did you get lots of additions for your fabric stash from Santa?

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Welcome back! Happy New Year.

Anonymous said...

windows 7 is easy to use once you get used to it. that is what is on both holly and i's new laptops. love you.

debbie musick said...

Welcome home! Did you totally miss the Blizzard of 2009 in OK? It was beautiful and cold! Congrats on the new computer...I am shopping for one. Just don't know what to get!

Rella said...

Welcome back...Bloglandia was not the same without you! Happy New, happiness, and love to you.
xox Rella