Tuesday, January 26, 2010


...waiting for their hair and makeup.

Happy Australia Day to my Aussie friends!

I underwent a funky root canal thru my crown yesterday.
After all the pain and money...
...they tell me I need a new crown as soon as possible.
What the??
Makes no sense to me...or my purse.

Good news is my kidney function is back up...YAY!

So I am busy making a new batch of dolls and a line of Art dolls.

Expecting a huge, dangerous storm on Thursday.
They are calling for snow...sleet... and...ice
Oh My!!
Keeping fingers crossed for keeping the power on.


Debbie said...

Ouch! I hope your tooth at least feels better! I think we are getting the same storm on Friday here in SC. Our low is going to be 9 that day! I hope we both have our power!

Diva Kreszl said...

sorry to hear about your dental problem. your dentist really should have warned you to expect needing a new crown, when they drill through the top to perform the rootcanal they compromise the integrity of the crown. It no longer is sealed and cannot protect the tooth from decay. Filling it is a short gap solution and not ideal as it never really bonds withthe actual crown which was fired in a kiln. The only way to avoid drilling the crown is to do the root canal through the gum and root, not always feasible and more costly. We own and operate a dental laboratory and find that dentists often don't inform patients of all costs involved. They usually try to blame the lab for the high cost but in our area we find that the dentist marks up our fee to him 70 to 100 percent and passes it on to the patient.

Cat said...

I look at the shelf of dolls and know that soon they will be gifted with their individual personalities! Pretty cool!

Hey thanks for helping on the ditty bags! I think they will be muchly appreciated!

Hunker down for that storm!

Be blessed! Cat

Rella said...

Ohhhhhh Nooooooooooo Sweet Pea!!, Diva is so right about the mark up on crowns and bridges. Having worked in several dental offices and being on the other side...I will attest to the fact. Did you have this crown less than a year ago? did you have a root canal first? eeesshh. Boy, we could swap stories I am so sure. Feel better..

and the dolls...love them already. I am not kidding. They just look darling sitting all together.

xox Rella
p.s. stop over at the nest and sign in for the OHOW give away...o.k.???!!

LadyTulip said...

OMG! ~ and ouch for you - can't believe what your dentist has done. Makes one want to cry loudly! ~ Hang in there thru this rough weather, 'k? ~ We're going to be getting snow (!!) over here on the shore either tomorrow afternoon or night..naturally Tom & I have to be in the City first thing Saturday morning! ~ Ack! ~ Looks like it's going to be an adventure!!

Lauri ~ P.S. ~ can't wait to see the dolls all finished up!!a

Rella said...

O.K........I'm stttiiillllll waiting....to see faces here!!!

xox Rella