Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I love the spiky quilts!
Also on my to-do list.

...I have the patterns...
...have the templates..
...the fabric and the books.
Just need more time...
...just need to wake up one day and
DO IT!!!

This is one intense quilt...I love it!
I should have included the makers names...sorry ladies.

Posting late today as I had to take DH to the hospital for a procedure. All is good so far.
Working on some new projects...will share when I get everything together.

It's Idol night!
More tomorrow.


Sharon said...

wow I can see why you love it. I love it too. But you've got all the fabric.

Jacky said...

I LOVE these quilts too....think I'm a bit of a busy/scrappy person. I would love to have a go, but looks difficult!!!

Jacky xox

Zorana said...

What a dramatic quilt! Imagine combining al those colors and shapes..... that would be fun. Unfortunately, I can't sew anything (except paper) so I wouldn't even know where to start. I hope your dh will recuperate quickly. xo