Monday, September 22, 2008

photo of the week

It's another Monday and another photo of the week. Another fun shot of Miz P in her condo. What a sweetie!

No art was made this weekend. Went to Dallas for the National Hot Rod Association races. Can you tell it makes me happy?

my favorites are the funny cars

That's my guy, Ron capps. He didn't win. He is having a hard time this year, but I am his number one fan and always will be.....maybe next year Ron.

So later this week I will get to showing how I made the paper rose. I have to get that table cleared off so you can see what I am doing and that's no small task. I need to lock up the muse so I can concentrate.


Jacky said...

Aaahhhh.... so you're what we call in Australia a "rev head"...I can see that cars make you happy Suze!

Great Post and love the kitty.

suze said...

I have never been called that one but yes, it fits!

Tina said...

Love the races..we were at that track when Eddie Hill broke 300 mph!! Now we live in the same town and he and even go to the same church..very cool..