Thursday, September 18, 2008

shadow play

In the early evening hours of this time of year I am always watching for the pink and orange colors that come streaming thru the front windows of the house. Then I run and grab the camera and start taking photos of the beautiful sunsets.

This time I turned around and saw these patterns on the wall. The beveled glass on the front door acts as a stencil and made some pretty art. It almost looks electric.

Shadows were everywhere.

.... and then in a flash it was gone....

I want to thank everyone for their comments and compliments on yesterdays challenge blog. Some of you asked how to make the paper rose. I used the same technique that you use to make a fabric rose. But it is a little harder with the paper because it doesn't give like fabric. I folded the paper in half then ran a running stitch thru the bottom and gathered it. First gather tightly for the top piece then looser for the bottom . Then glue the top into the bottom. Cut out several leaf patterns and glue them together. You can sew a vein down the middle. I was going to do this but didn't and wished that I did. Then just glue the leaves to the bottom of the flower.
I looked at a close up of the rose (click on photo to enlarge) and found my name...bonus!
Have a tremendous Thursday!

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Jacky said...

These are amazing.... lucky you had the camera ready.
Will have to keep my eyes out for the shadows now!