Thursday, September 4, 2008

unartful thursday

The sun is peeking out today. I would love to have just one more day like yesterday. It was so cool I had to take advantage of it and dig thru the attic. I must have 30 of those huge plastic bins chock full of fabric. I actually weeded it down to 30 in the spring. Anyway, I am on the search for my shell fabric's and I did find one but there are more. I tried to label the bins but it's so hot in the attic that they fall off. But on the bright side I am finding some pretty cool fabric's that I had forgotten I had....sort of like Christmas in September.
No new art today.....still working on the bagz.

I will show them t o m o r r o w.

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Mya said...

Love the cloud picture, it is inspiring. Thank you so much for your visit and get well wishes. I made a dentist appt. for Monday. Wish me luck.