Wednesday, February 18, 2009

4 ever

As you know, yesterday was our four year kidney anniversary. So today I can show the card I made for my sweet husband. I should call him SH instead of DH but then no one would know what the heck I was talking about. Besides, I think SH stands for something else....but then so can DH.....enough!

The inside has a pink music score with the words true love and it's torn into a kidney shape. It has my personal message written all the way around it.

I delivered a new bag yesterday for my friend Jan's birthday. She is a basket collector so I used a basket theme.

I used both her first and last name initials. The inside is lined with a basket print with a pocket made with a sweet print with baskets of flowers on it. It is a tote rather than a purse as she requested. She loved it.

Have a colorful day!


Susan said...

What a wonderful anniversary to celebrate. Hmmm, I think you better stay with "D.H." just in case. Take care and don't forget you won a heart from me! Susan

Zorana said...

How very pretty! Love the card and the bag.