Friday, February 27, 2009

finally friday

Yay! It's Friday....what a week. Anyway the quilt meeting was great last night with Lola Jenkins. I was going to post some of her work today but it's still in my tomorrow I promise to do that.

This is a little sewn portrait I made into a card for Lola. I would like to make a whole quilt of little faces. Speaking of little faces I bought a pillow made by Sandy Mastroni and it is sooo adorable and I will post a photo of that too.

While cleaning up the studio I found a little form and covered it with some pattern paper. Then I decided it needed a little color and I dyed some of the paper pink and made her a belt and matching rose. This is why it takes me so doggone long to clean up! I find things to do and I have to do them right then and there. Oh well....that's how I roll.

artful weekend to all!


Susan said...

I do the same thing, instead of cleaning up my area, I want to make something with each thing I pick up. Very cute form, I like the pink toned belt. Can't wait to see your Sandy art. Take care. Susan

Crafty Gal Linda said...

Love it! I need to get me a dress form. How sweet.

debbie musick said...

Love the new banner! The fabric art is amazing. But I don't sew at all. I so admire you all that do and do it so well! Have a beautiful week--80 degrees on Thursday! After this weekend, it is something beautiful to look forward to.