Friday, February 13, 2009

happy heart day

Happy Valentine's Day to all!
Since I don't post on weekends I am sending love wishes today. Hope your day is sweet!

It is also Friday the I am posting my sweet black kitty here for my photo of the day.

When the whole tornado thing came up with all the warnings, ect. I parked myself in front of the tv in the living room (my studio is upstairs) I put a piece of plywood on the floor so I could get some painting done. When I went to pick it up last night I saw this rose. It was unintentional but I like it. I call it surprise art.



BlueJude said...

LOVE the surprise art!! Happy Vday to you...hope its a month full of love! We had a kitty take up residence in our garage recently. We were all so pleased. Of course the kids wanted to bring him in but as you know we have enough on our plate. So he's our new PT resident! (:

Jacky said...

Your surprise art is BEAUTIFUL, I love that rose that just appeared.

Gorgeous black kitty for Friday 13th and yumbo, yumbo to the hershey kisses!

Hope you had a great weekend.