Friday, February 20, 2009

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I couldn't think of a title for this post so I cheated and just put my number happens.

Last week when the tornadoes were whirling...guess what I took to the shelter with me? That's right ....the little bear in the above photo. His name is Dee and I have had him for 51 years. He is my first Stieff bear and my favorite. My Mom thought long and hard before she bought him for me because he was a whole $1.50 and back in the fifties, that was a lot of money. You could buy little bears at the 5&10 for a nickle. They were made of sawdust and I still have one of those, too. This little cutie is made with German mohair and has been played with and toted around for many hours and he still looks good.
Now if you had any think this woman is a little wacky. OK, I admit it.

Here are a couple pages from my junque journal sample for the class I will be teaching in April at the Paper Crown.

I am using mostly junk mail for the pages and embellishing with my favorite bits of art. It is so much fun and is really lightening my load of trash.
I am doing my spring cleaning of my studio and finding all kinds of fun stuff I forgot I had so I keep adding on to this daily.
I love that stamp of the hummer wearing a dress. It's from Catherine Moore's new line Character Constructions and I believe it is the new Birds and Bee's line.

Do something artfully fun this weekend!


Susan said...

Such a sweet little bear. I'm so glad you survived the weather. I'm sorry I didn't realize that you were in harm's way. I hope everything is ok now. When you get the chance, remember you won a little heart from me. Take care, Susan

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

Hi Sweet Pea!!! Love the Steif...I found one that size many years ago in an antique shop and thought I had a bargain at $25. I put him in a sack that a porcelain Father Christmas that I made as a gift one year....I don't blame you for grabbing him in the threat of a tornado. Not at all.

And I so love the birdie stamp from Catherine. I had to have one as soon as I spied her new line of Birds and Bees. You have reminded me to USE it!!

xo Rella

debbie musick said...

OMG! I have that same bear. And I have had mine for 54 years! It was also my first Steiff and I love it.

The class looks amazing. I have got to call tomorrow in get in it. I don't want to get bumped.