Friday, February 6, 2009

friday happiness

It is finally Friday. For some reason this week went by kind of slowly. I hope you have some fun plans for the weekend.
My warmth photo from yesterday was in the 70's here yesterday. And I was out and about all day.

Today's photo.

ArTfuL WeEkeNd To aLL!


guthriegirl said...

Hi Suze!
I found your blog by googling "Lola Jenkins"- who I had the pleasure to meet last weekend. I couldn't find a way to e mail you this info, so here you go: Lola Jenkins does not yet have a website, though she is looking for someone to build one for her. She does have an e mail but I want to ask her before I give it out. However I wanted to let admirers of her work know, that she currently has an exhibit at the MidWest City Library (Oklahoma) for the month of February 2009. She will be the featured speaker at the February 2009 meeting of the COQG (Central Oklahoma Quilters Guild- 4th Thursday of the month) and has a workshop on the day prior. She also has a workshop planned in May at the Hobby Lobby in MidWest City, OK. If you ever have the chance to hear her speak and see her work- don't miss it! She is as warm and interesting as she is talented!

suze said...

Thanks guthriegirl,
I couldn't find a way to respond to your letter so maybe you will check back here. I know Lola and yes she is a hoot!She has actually done my portrait in fabric (I was sooo honored) I am also a member of COQG and am looking forward to her lecture this month.
Thanks for writing!

guthriegirl said...

Thanks Suze for sharing the Lola Jenkins info on your blog. You are right- she is a hoot! I plan to see her library exhibit tomorrow and also plan to attend her lecture at COQG this month. Maybe I will see you there!
Love your blog! Thanks!