Monday, July 27, 2009

art time

My weekend was fabulous! We went to see Joseph and the Amazing Techicolor Dreamcoat on Saturday and WOW!! Was it ever fantastic! Antohony Federov from American Idol fame played Joseph and he was great! Diane DeGarmo also from AI was the narrator, also great!
I was lucky once again and scored second row center seats. Next week we see Wicked. I can't's my first time.

I made?.... tricked out this funky little clock last week. It's a cheapie $5. from Walmart, but I need a few clocks around the studio because I am always getting engrossed in projects and losing track of time. And I have this obsession with altering things.

As for the studio....I spent all day Sunday reorganizing and I made this new workspace so I can sit down and work. I usually stand at the table.

Oops! I put the same picture in twice. I made a change to the clock but put in the wrong photo. Oh biggie.
Take some art time for yourself today!

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Zorana said...

What a wonderful clock! We all need 'Art Time' and isn't it so much better when you can 'see' it like that. Love it! The color, numbers... everything! Your workspace looks very inviting. You'll enjoy creating even more now!