Friday, July 31, 2009

creative mistake 101

So I got this bright idea...

...take some Jenga blocks

...and Thickers stickers..

...and make a set of stamp numbers...
...until I tried stamping with them. Oops! Backwards...duh! But then I like things kinda whack-a-do and different. And I have a lot of numbers going in the right direction why not have a backwards set to make things a little different. After all...I am far from perfect.
So don't try this at home kids...unless.
I think if you glue them on the other way and stamped on the sticky side may work. But I haven't tried it...I am liking them now. And they make a perfect impression.

...not so bad?

Color or do something else thats fun this weekend!


Susan said...

Great idea, actually. When ever I carve an art stamp, I always make them backwards. Still I like the idea. You could do a piece of "mirror art" with backwards stuff. Creative is the key word always!

Kim Mailhot said...

Slendid imperfection ! I read a quote somewhere this weekend that read "fall in love with your mistakes". And you did just that ! I love them, because they just happened...Enjoy the colorful day !

Zorana said...

Oh how funny! I would do the same thing and then say 'duh' just like you did. They look great backwards! Even more 'artsy'. Great idea!

Mo'a said...

The best discoveries have come from supposed :) mistakes.
It looks perfect to me and as Zorana said "even more 'artsy'