Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Day 2

While we were in Reno to bowl.....I discovered a really cool little art shop (that I will show you tomorrow).....

And that shop led us to a really different type of art show...the Nada Dada at the El Cortez hotel.
The top 3rd and 4th floors were all artists displaying and selling their art. And it spilled over to the motel next door. Interesting and off the wall types of art. And the hotel was a piece of art in itself. Built in the 1930's and I don't think anything has been done since to update the place. I took a lot of pictures of the hallways and rooms.

....Each room had it's own artist...

Patty Melton (she goes by Patty Melt...cute) Had a display of old motels colored and painted by many. She was preparing for a book. There were art supplies so you could sit down and create your piece of art and she would hang it on the wall.

I brought my motel art home to complete and send back to her.

This guy (sorry, I forgot his name but have it somewhere in my stuff) does some phenomenal motel art. Motel art is popular out there in Reno. It's the older motels with character that are being over run by the newer huge super hotels. An era gone by.
.....nothing stays the same....
Tomorrow.......the funky little art shop.....with altered Barbie dolls.

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Susan said...

Looks like fun. I'll have to look into motel art. Have a fun day. Susan