Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Two of my worst fears happened this week. First fear...I was diagnosed with carpel tunnel in both of my wrists. Along with some nerve damage and a pinched nerve. My arm and hand kept going numb and tingly.
Second fear....tarantula. I know they are here in Oklahoma, but my goal was to never encounter one. I heard DH pull into the garage and after five minutes I looked out to see where he was. He was holding our big cannister of bug killer with the 20 foot squirt hose...and I knew. The bug guys were just here last week and I am only seeing dead bugs lying around the sidewalk.
It had to be something big. I still didn't see it and I didn't want to hear the details, but I was still shaken up.
Now I am hoping that there is not a third fear to follow as things usually happen in threes.

pretty flowers

pretty art pencils

pretty summer colors
That's what I am posting today.
Pretty and colorful. Calm and exciting.
Hope your day goes well.


Francy said...

lol how funny! You are aware that the trantulas in Oklahoma are not bad little spiddes?

While growing up my dad used to catch them for me to keep in science class each year as trantulas were always my show and tell project along with "blue" snakes.

I now have those ugly and very BAD fiddle back spiders. yuck! Give me a big hairy trantula any day.

suze said...

OK...so I am not from OK. I know they do some good but not when they scare me to death.
Yep, I was bitten by a fiddleback when I was 11 or 12. Maybe that's why I am so afraid.

Amber said...

love the photos!