Tuesday, August 4, 2009

out & out

Yesterday our internet was out most of the day. We had terrible storms the night before...maybe they knocked something out.

So today I am on my way out.

So I will leave you with some shots of my summer flowers in the yard.

...take some time to smell the flowers...
....Have a great Tuesday!


Sharon said...

I think I am going to survive. Love your flowers and of course they are pink.

Mo'a said...

I know just how you feel...we were 32 hours without power on Friday and Saturday.
I love the trellis your Mandevilla is growing on :)

Mo'a said...

Hmmmmm!!!perhaps that is not a Mandevilla but petunias ;? The trellis is wonderful.

Susan said...

Ohh, isn't it frustrating when the internet keeps going in and out? We finally had to call the cable company last night and do some troubleshooting on ours. Love all your flowers. Take care and stay happy.