Friday, August 21, 2009

diva's and queens

A few more studio pic's.
I thought this was interesting with the textured glass shining through the shade. I love stained glass!

...they think I am.... shelf diva's...

...and Queen of the studio...
I don't remember how old I was when I got this Madame Alexander doll. I have always loved her. She is from the 50's and has pierced ears and seamed stockings (not panty hose) I love seamed stockings...I always though they were sexy and now I see the girls wearing them again on the dancing shows...yay! Oh, and she also has bendable elbows and knees. (and red it!)

....she needs a makeover...
I need to find a doll hospital.

...and of know who traded in her party hat for a crown.

this is my new doll class for Fall.
She's a sweet punkin' doll.
Should I call her "punkinhead"?
That is what I called my daughter when she was a baby.
We all have big punkinheads in our family.
We call it the family big head.
Someone told me that is a good thing.
NOT when you go to buy hats. is her closeup.

Happy Friday
ARTful weekend to all!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said... are too, too funny with the pumpkin head thing!! And what a cute doll for class. How often do you teach?

Your Madame Alexander doll is lovely. I remember back when my daughter was born, I could not wait to get her a Madame Alexander was a baby doll with a little pink nightie and her name was Victoria. I loved the box it came it and the pink tissue. Sigh. We love our dollies, don't we??

xox Rella
p.s. have a wonderful weekend.

tascha said...

I love stained glass too. That tulip is so darling.
Your newest doll is great! Pumpkin girl! YAY!

Jacky said...

Lovely to see more of your studio and loved your punkinhead story...great doll for your next class!

Jacky xox

Mo'a said...

I have been catching up on your posts...40 boxes covered with art...I am impressed.
My Mother has several Madame Alexander dolls...I wonder where she has them ? I have not seen them for years.
She is the doll lover in the family...I never liked dolls when I was little and growing up...go figure. I had many dolls because everyone thought I should love them.
They are probably laughing their heads of now...a dollmaker that did not like I am making myself laugh.

venus said...

Hi , I have been following your blog for about 4 months. I realized that I'm so amazed by your work that I always forget to leave a comment. You're blog is my absolute favorite that I check daily. So different, so unique.

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