Friday, August 14, 2009

sunrise and organization

I was up this morning before the birds. Not by choice....hard night. DH cracked me in the head with his elbow around three-ish. Then he got up to run around 4 am and forgot to turn off his alarm. My cat Pippi waits by the bathroom door every morning and waits to hear the shower turn off and then she cries and bats at the door until he lets her in. It's's her time with him. She head butts him and then that's it. He can't touch her the rest of the day.

So after all of this commotion, I could not get back to sleep. But then I got to see the pretty purple sunrise.

Here are the 40 plus boxes in their new home. It's an old Yankee candle cabinet I picked up for a song when a local card store went out of business. It is perfect for them. I even put them in alphabetical order. Look out it may snow!

Sorry about the poor photo quality. No matter how many shots I take, the lighting is not good in that area so they blur a bit....but you get the idea.

I also covered a bunch of paper napkin boxes.

The sun rises at the back of the house and that is where my window is so (since the lighting was good) I took some random pictures of the studio and will show some of them next week.

Hope your weekend is artful!


Lisa said...

They look great! Have a good weekend. :)

Anonymous said...

Those recipe boxes are wonderful and such a great idea for repurposing them! The napkin THAT i can do.