Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Wednesday ramblings

Here is yet another studio shot.

These are some of my dyed fabrics.

It's like a rainbow in a box.

You all think my studio is neat and tidy.....NOT!

It would be great....

...but it never stays that way.

...yep, still covering cans & stuff ...

...have a lollypop...

...the morning glories are in full swing!

This pic makes me think of Jack and the beanstalk.

...and Suzi's class is over.

It was so much fun.

Every week looking forward to the next segment.

She is going to continue with the

Goddess & the Poet 2

in December.

Well, thats my rambling for today.

I am working on several homework pieces and will show them soon.

Best Wednesday wishes!


Susan said...

Happy Wednesday to you. I am always interested in seeing fabric stashes. Loved seeing a small portion of yours, come us more. Susan

Diva Kreszl said...

Love your studio! Can I come over to play???

venus said...

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