Wednesday, August 19, 2009

cards and studio shots

I have been making some greeting cards.....lots of birthday's and anniversaries are coming up.

I'll show some of those tomorrow...some have to wait. But today I will show a package that I completely covered with paper.

Back It's a "feel better" package for a fellow blogger.

front's on it's way....

Last week I said I would post some studio pic's. I will put two up today since I missed yesterday.
I like to have some positive words around the place.

I almost got rid of this old pipe rack...but re purposed it instead.
More tomorrow...and it's a special day!
Hope your today is special.


LadyTulip said...

Great pics!! -- I'm waiting for The Husband to start putting up shelving for my space...not holding my breath!! LOL!
The pipe rack is a great find!!

Diva Kreszl said...

I love your use of the pipe rack...brilliant!

priti.lisa said...

You studio looks so cheerful and fun! I love to have words around me too. Maybe I'll copy you and put up pics of mine!
xox, Lisa

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

That could NOT be a better use for a pipe holder I swear!!!

xox Rella