Thursday, August 6, 2009

magic & other weird stuff

A while back I turned our guestless guest room into a sewing room. I bought fabric to make some curtains but never had the time to make them, so instead I hung up this vintage quilt.

I picked it up for a mere $25. and it appears to be mostly purple....until the sun shines through it. And it turns pink. It's my magic quilt. I know the sun isn't good for it and all the quilters out there are gasping. Not to worry....I am going to put some sheeting behind it.
It makes the whole room glow pink...magic!

Then I decided to play around in Photo Impact Pro and I turned it into a mosaic. It looks cool but doesn't really show up well on here....maybe if you click on it?

I took this picture the other night while riding in the car....yes I wanted it to blur. I was trying to get the beautiful sunset....and look...the spaceships are taking off.
OK...enough craziness for today. I am behind on my homework and need to prepare for the class I am teaching next week and a huge list of other random stuff to get finished so I am out of here.

Have a good day!


Sharon said...

Hey, I spreading out into a bedroom truned into a sewing studio. It's going slow though. Is it working for you to sew in there instead of art studio?

Susan said...

Very nice. I did click the picture to get the mosaic version. Nice indeed.

Zorana said...

Love your magic quilt! The mosaic effect surprised me when I clicked on the picture. Very cool!

debbie musick said...

I miss you!!!!!!!

Jacky said...

Suze I love that vintage quilt (with its magical pink glow). What a lovely idea. Shame really to put a backing behind it, it looks so beautiful, sort of show its "bones" being up like that too.
I love how you gave it that mosaic look too. I am having trouble loading photos via blogger at the moment (thus not much been happening on the blog), let alone try a mosaic look. I admire your computer savvy!

Enjoy your magical room.

Jacky xox

* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

I can't think of anything nicer than a soft pink glow to a room via an old quilt!! Beautiful..not to mention we girlies look oh so much lovlier in the pinkness. If I were Queen (and someone I know says that I AM) I would declare that every light bulb EVERYONE would have to give a pinkish glow.

AND I love the blurry shot of the spaceships taking are my kind of girl with perfect whackadoodle thinking.

xox Rella