Thursday, October 2, 2008

just for fun

I just love these stamps by Penny-Torrente at Stampotique. And this girl is my favorite.

So I made a multiple shot. Actually I stamped her on my favorite.....paint chip samples and added a little extra color and some printed tissue paper. I am using them on my tags that I use as business cards. That is my favorite tissue paper and I am out of it and can not find it anywhere!

This is what I did yesterday. I am STILL cleaning up the studio and wanted something to store some of my books in. I got a couple of these boxes for free. The store was throwing them away.

I got a roll of prepasted wallpaper at Sherwin Williams for 25 cents. They were in a bucket and I didn't exactly know what the print looked like but I liked the color and for 25 cents you can't go wrong. I wasn't worried about matching up the print. It's just getting shoved into a shelf.
I set it outside to dry and...... books fit in perfectly. don't have to squint. I love my books and refer to them often.

Enjoy the rest of your week.


Sharon said...

Wait, I think I have one of those boxes in the back room. Very clever. And I have wallpaper. Yes...on my to do list.

Art Of The Craft Studios said...

Ahhh! I love your book holder and very much want to borrow your book collection~ very cool!


turquoise cro said...

O! I LOVE that wallpaper, sooOOOOOo pretty!!! AhhHHHH yes, Creative Cloth Doll Faces, that would be the one I need! tee hee

tascha said...

Great idea!
Looks like you have a super cool book collection!

Joanne said...

Hi Suze! Brilliant how you store your books you, I love my books and refer to them all the time. Like Sharon, I think I have everything I need to make one of these - thanks for sharing.

Mary said...

Good idea for organizing your books. I love the jeans bags you made. This is my first time here, I'll check out the rest of your website...I like what I've seen so far.

Everwild said...

Suze, I have this thing about boxes and cubbies and buckets, and-and seeing the ones you cover ... it's like a siren's song. Before I know it, I shall have de covered boxes from floor to ceiling (not to mention a very scowly-faced husband!).

What a great collection of books, too.

Happy day!


* mY fRiEnDs cALL mE Rella * said...

How I love seeing my favorite stamp done up in multiples!!!! I was looking at my collection this in particular is coming out to be stamped shortly. Love them all...........even the striped spider.

xox Rella