Thursday, October 23, 2008

too late

OH GEEZ!! Here it is 10:36 PM Thursday night. I forgot to blog today. I left early this morning to go to the Quilt Guild meeting then I went shopping and got home just in time to cook dinner (after picking up a roasted chicken at Walmart) Then it was time for Greys Anatomy and poof! the day is over. I can't show any quilt photos because I forgot my camera.
As my Mom always used to say....tomorrow is another day.

Tomorrow I go to the cardiologist for the first time. Just having some chest pains so we will see what thats all about. Have to get up I must go now. Thanks for stopping by.


Sharon said...

First of all, I don't know how you manage to post everyday anyway. Second, Greys too.
But most of all, hope you find all is OK and will be thinking about you all day today.

Tina said...

Good luck at the Dr.!!! I hate it when the day slips away like that..just add the stuff to tomorrow's list and go from there..

Marc said...

Who is this Grey person you've been seeing?

I spent last night with Michaela's anatomy.

Anyway, check that chicken. I bet it has 'Made in China' stamped on the bottom.

suze said...

TMI Marc! Too late about the chicken. It was very tasty...not a rubber chicken. I forgot are anti Walmart. It's the main grocery store in Mustang.