Tuesday, October 21, 2008

tagged again

I have been tagged again....by several people. So here is what I am going to do. I am breaking some rules here but it's what I do. If you are reading this consider yourself tagged (if you care to be) Since it's October and pretty near Halloween, I am going to do a Halloween themed tag. So here goes.

Seven random facts about moi.

1. I love black cats. And currently have two of them.

2. I am terrified of spiders! The bigger and blacker...the scarier! I was bitten by a brown reclose when I was around 11 years old...still have a hole where the bite was.

3. I love the show Ghost Hunters. Jason and Grant crack me up.

4. The first halloween I can remember was first grade and I was Cinderella. My Mom made my costume.

5. I love scary movies. I like the suspenceful kind not the slasher kind.

6. If I eat too much candy corn I get dizzy.

7. I believe that I had a spirit in my last house in Maryland. It was a woman and she sat on my bed. And she brushed my hair back from my face. One day I was making a quilt and had four blocks laid out on the table. I left the room to answer the phone and when I came back there were only three blocks there. I was home alone and looked everywhere for the missing block. Thinking maybe it had stuck to me while I went down the hall and fell off in another room. Nope! And we packed and moved since then and it was never found. I had to make another block to replace it.


Sharon said...

That was all good stuff, specially the ghosty part.

Lisa said...

Love all your tagged answers : )

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