Thursday, November 12, 2009


Ah, day four of fabric frenzyness.

...there is a method to my madness...

I'm a collector.

And these are some of my fabric collections.

...cherries! they make me happy.

black and white

I am a huge collector of black and white fabs.

My quilt guild in Maryland had a challenge every year and one year it was to make a wall hanging in black and white and one other color. I used purple and did both sides. I'll show it tomorrow.

beach prints

I stock up on these when I find them. My peeps back home are always wanting a bag in beachy style prints

...cupcakes in the making...

These are prints resembling cake and rich frostings. I have started this cakey quilt but have a long way to go. But the material is there.

...did someone say cake?

Yep, have those too.

And then there are my favorite fabric designers...

I love...

Kaffe Fassett

Tina Givens

Martha Negley and all those yummy rich Westminster prints.

The above photo is also a quilt in the works using the desiner prints of those I mentioned. It's a drunkards path pattern.
I shouldn't single out my favorite designers because there are many more.

In case you are a non quilter and are wondering why so many quilts are just started and in the works at the same time....I can't really say why...but it's what we quilters do.

These are a few snippets of collection fabric's. I have bins of these.

Other collections include...building materials (pun?) bricks and others that resemble building in a city. I want to make some city scapes.

Prints with text and writing on them for a journal quilt book in the making.

Polka dots...who doesn't love these?

Flowers in larger scale to cut out and use on my rag bagz.

The list goes on but you get the idea...I do have some structure here. I just need more TIME!

So needless to say that I am never bored...and that's a good thing.


selvages and what to do with them...

Have a terrific Thursday!


Diva Kreszl said...

I just love all your fabrics...can't resist them myself!

Sharon said...

OK, so when an addict "has to" buys fabric, how much of each piece is needed?

Rella said...

I covet the black and whites!!!!!!! OMG.

xox Rella

Sandy Mastroni said...

great fabrics
never bored .... very true

sue said...

I love the cherries!