Thursday, November 5, 2009

kitty playtime

Yesterday whilst getting ready in the bathroom, Miz P was torturing my plant. A favorite pastime for her.

....the sunlight was pouring in....
I like Autumn in Oklahoma.
It stays pretty sunny whereas back home on the East coast it gets very cloudy and dark and then so does my mood.

...trying to hide?

...don't even think about it!

Quilt update:
Yesterday I cranked out another 178 different squares.
Today I will add some more.
Then over the weekend I will scavenge some more packed away goodies.
It's like opening your stocking gifts on Christmas.
I love simple pleasures!
Happy Thursday wishes!


Artistic Accents by Darla said...

Pretty kitty! I didn't realize you were in Oklahoma! My mother was from Duncan and we used to drive from ND to OK every other summer. I just LOVED our visits. The people are so sweet!

Jacky said...

You are cranking out those squares!!! Cant wait to see your quilt.

Mmmm....that is a mischevious cat hiding behind the plant.

Have a lovely weekend.

Jacky xox

LadyTulip said...

Oh My! We had a cat that used to do the same thing - tormenting the houseplants, and don't get me goin' on how she would hide under the Christmas tree..that's a whole other story!

Love all the quilt squares! - Shwoo! - makes me tired lookin' at 'em all!!


Rella said...

It's so fun to see another naughty black kitty in action...they are totally amusing, aren't they?..Ms. Pia loves to jump out at my legs in the middle of the night when I walk into through the dark living room to get something cold to drink (lovely waking up in a warm drench) cats in darkness...waaaay scary.

xox Rella