Wednesday, November 18, 2009

good news

Doing the happy dance today...while I can....before I get another painful shot in my still bruised foot from two weeks ago...ugh! BUT...Art Quilting Studio magazine has published a couple pieces of my cloth art.

They put Danita's cute Frida on the cover.
I love her work.

I entered the "What's in your fridge?" challenge.
If it's summer there is always a watermelon in my fridge.
I knew in advance that this was going to be in there...
As I was having my coffee this morning I was reading thru the rest of the magazine and I found this on page 130. Here is another piece in the Patchworks section. Total surprise.
The bee and the buckle inchies were from a swap and I forgot to give credit to my inchie swap friends...oops...sorry. It was an oversight...but don't they look great on there.
Busy day today...
...dreaded shot at 3:45...
...have all day to (dread) look forward to it.
Hope you are having a dread free-shot free day!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Congrats on the article! I hope your foot feels better soon too.

priti.lisa said...

Hurray Suze! It is fantastic to be published, I'm glad I got my bag while you were a starving artist...
xox, Lisa

Sorry about the shot :(

Jacky said...

Beautiful pieces....and huge congrats on being published!

Jacky xox

Thinking of you having to have your dreadful shot...maybe you should treat yourself to a nice piece of fabric when you have finished your treatment???

Jacky xox

Susan said...

Congrats on being published. You do such beautiful work, it deserves a wide audience. Take care and dance while you can. Susan

Flor Larios Art said...

Hey! congratulations. Hope you feel better soon.
I also wanted to let you know that I listed the Nativity Star cards that you encouraged me to do on a blog message.
Thank you!