Friday, November 13, 2009

final fabric frenzy

She who dies with the most fabric wins!
I have a "shewhodi" card at Oklahoma Quiltworks. When you buy fabric, they stamp your card and you get free stuff when your card is filled. Actually most quilt shops have these cards and I need a filing system in my wallet to keep them all in order.
These cool prints came in the mail this week.
Click on the photo to enlarge and see details.

I was leaving the quilt shop yesterday...empty handed...
...until this pattern reached out and grabbed me.
The green is more lime green but for some reason (lighting) it appears to look muddy.

...then I had to add the sister prints.
That's it.
No more new fabric ...
...until next year.
Can I do it?
Sure gonna try!

This is the black/white/purple wall hanging from yesterday.

back and label artful weekend for me...I am cleaning up the fabric mess I created this week.


Jacky said...

Suze you astound me...I love the range of fabrics you found (the one with the little bird cages especially). Wonderfu, unusual floral design!
Ahhh you study in black, white and purple is amazing. Love the label you made for the back too. How did you make it? Is it printed on the computer or did you do that by hand? Looks wonderful and so in keeping with the quilt "Jamming" ...perfect.

You go girl! And if you need more fabric before New Year, buy it up before its all gone!
Loving your fabric fettish!

Jacky xox

priti.lisa said...

Oh NO you didn't...but you should and you did, so you will...make more people over-the-moon happy, like You made me. The best investment I ever made, my bag! Thanx Suze
xox, Lisa