Monday, November 23, 2009

manic monday

No art today... art this week.
Lots of cleaning and baking.
Family coming for Thanksgiving!
Have an artful week for me.


LadyTulip said...

Oh, it IS that time of year!!

And I can't find half of my recipes either! Ack!

Have a Wonderful Holiday!


Crafty Gal Linda said...

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

suze said...

Thanks Crafty gal and Tulip. Sending holiday wishes back at you.

Sandy Mastroni said...

Happy Thanksgiving Day Suze
God bless you and your family
Have fun too

priti.lisa said...

Have a holiday full of love and fun, my friend!
xox, Lisa

Debbie said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy!

Jacky said...

Happy housekeeping!!! How lovely to have all of your family coming over for Thanksgiving.

Jacky xox