Monday, November 9, 2009

fabric hoarding 101

I have been challenged!
It seems that not everyone believes that my fabric stash is real.
Soooo...this week I will be devoting my blog posts to fabric and what I do with it.
So on Friday I was wondering if I could squeeze out 100 more different prints for my quilt.
I did that in the first hour. The laundry basket (above) is what I got out of 8 full hours of rooting around in the studio closet. I lost count but believe it has to be 300 different prints or more.
They are paired up to make one block using 2 different patterns per square. And some left over for the other quilt.
...a material explosion!
Yep, I took a perfectly (semi) organized closet and created this mess.
And what fun it was.
I found so many patterns and prints that I had forgotten I had.

...and Harley, the studio cat approves.
Tomorrow....where to stash your stash.


sherry ♥ lee said...

This is one HUGE explosion of fabric!! I love it!! It's funny how we can collect and collect because we see something we love or know down the road we can use...and then it's put away and we forget some of the beautiful patterns and colours we chose because they've been hidden for so long!

suze said...


Debbie said...

I do the same thing with paper! At least you got yours out and will use it now. I need to follow your example!

Rella said... are my kind of girl (as if I didn't know that already)..and that headboard that is almost hidden by the fabric pile...I am loving that!!! And the cat...that is sooooooooooo what cats do, isn't it??

love this post
xox Rella

Rella said...

..oh, I the bag of selvage edges!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW.

xox Rella