Tuesday, November 10, 2009

stashing your stash

The definition of stash is to put away for safekeeping or future use.
Today I am showing some of my fabric hideaways.
....a good source of storage ...
I found this metal one at Target.
It's good because it lets the fabric breathe.
Color coded for easy access.

...hanging from the rafters.
This is a bag of selvage edges.
In certain circles I am known as the selvage queen.
I will touch on that in a later post.

...bins in the attic.
Sorry for the low quality photo...poor lighting in the attic.
We have two attics and both contain bins of fabrics.

When we moved here a little over three years ago I had 49 of these large bins of fabric.
I have since weeded out and donated a good amount of it.

...another basket.

Guest room closet.

...and the garage.
We have two garages and yep, both are storing more fabric.

There are a couple more places...not so picture worthy. I have the slide under the bed bins under all of the beds. These serve as a double duty. They keep the cats out from under the beds. For some reason they like to get under there and lie on their backs and claw the bottom of the box springs. Crazy cats.

Tomorrow's topic...
...Why we buy.
Have a great Tuesday!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Oh.My.Gosh!!! This takes the word "stash" to whole new heights!!! I love the baskets and how you colour coded them...and the metal basket is amazing.

Sharon said...

Oh my, you really really may need a 12 step program. This is serious.

Susan said...

Talk about stash! You have that "sewed up".

Sandy Mastroni said...

Ha ha Suze ! UNbelieveable
oh we are BAD
Your stuff doesn't surprise me ..... I have as much art and paper and books as you do fabric !

I am posting those photos of my dining room because THAT is the one room I am trying to keep clean .

Harley photo is the best !

Thanks for showing us Suze