Saturday, March 29, 2008

3 days left

This is one of the scarves I dyed yesterday at class. We were supposed to make two of them because we had to give one away. Some ladies only completed one and had to give it up. I managed to squeak out three of them. Then we stood in a circle and everyone took the one they wanted. This one went around and I was lucky to get it back. I wanted this one. I'll admit it took me back to the seventies.
This is half of it and the other half looks the same as this.

I also tweaked the old suitcase. I added a few more elements and I like it better now. It was sitting there and the sun was hitting it just right so I snapped this picture.

studio shot #29

If you are wondering where all the clutter is, I like to hang it behind the bathroom door. You knew it was there somewhere.
Have a great Saturday!


Susan said...

OK, now your clutter is just a little too organized. What a great class that must have been. Really love the scarf. I just may have to get a little messy this spring and do something similar. Thanks for the inspiration. (as always).

Jacky said...

What a great idea...the clear shoe holder! I am going to have to get one of these and get myself a little better organised!
Thanks for sharing!