Saturday, March 15, 2008

furniture art

Happy Saturday! This is the front side of my sewing desk...well half of it, but you get the idea.
And here is the back side. Like I said if it doesn't move, it gets painted.
Tomorrow I will show my mail art.


Mo'a said...

Beautiful and much to do, so little time.

barbara burkard said...

VERY AWESOME!!! LOVE YOUR THEORY...hmmmm wonder what color would look good on my son and hubby? first time a link from debrina!

come over to my blog to visit anytime!

Debbie said...

Was in The Paper Crown today and saw the sample for your class--very nice! Since I have been stamping since birth, I am going to wait for your next class. So, instead I dropped some bucks on vintage look paper. Wow! What eye candy in that store right now.

DeBRiNa PRaTT said...

Love your sewing desk but I'm having a hard time focusing right now after reading your profile..over 2000 dolls!!! My goody-ness!!! That is a lot of dolls!