Wednesday, March 12, 2008

cupcake anyone?

Peekin' in on day stuff. Remember those recipe boxes?

Let's talk about CAKE! I love cake and I really love those little portable cakes known as cupcakes. I found these cupcake containers for the lunch box at Williams Sonoma at the mall.

DH loved it. He said that's why he never took them in his lunch, because it was too messy. Not any more! I just thought I would share this discovery with you.

altered cupcake

And while we are on the subject of cake. Have you seen the tv show, Ace of Cakes on the Food network? It's great! It is filmed at Charm City Cakes in my hometown of Baltimore, Maryland.

They make some of the most amazing cakes you will ever see. And Duff's laugh will crack you up.


lollysnestegg said...

Very cool and I LOVE Ace of Cakes....they seem like a really fun bunch and their talents is amazing!! I just never can fugure out how they get the cakes to the destination just sitting in the back of the van!

Debbie said...

I love the cup cake holder! That is genius and I must get one!

Ace of Cakes-yes! I love it!

Nabeel said...

lol .. that is a very clever product with a very clever name.

Julie Brill Molina said...

First of all, Ace of Cakes is going on my Tivo list this second! Second, I LOVE that little cupcake holder! I need it! It's wonderful! And third, those Stuff boxes are awesome! I don't know what they are, but I'm excited to browse around your blog and find out!

barbara burkard said...

OH OH...i've been waiting for a new shipment of the little cuppy cake houses to come in at our williams sonoma!!!! THEY WERE MISSHIPPED TO THE WRONG STORE TWICE!!! love love ace of cakes...can you feel me gritting my they move the cakes from point a to point b? talk about TENSION!