Monday, March 17, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

There's a new challenge out there called The Artist Mess Challenge. Julie challenged us to show the mess. Well, here's mine. It's called my work table and it's pretty big and usually looks like this. I give myself a scant 8 x 12 inch area to work in. There is a new book coming out with the perfect studio's. Someone suggested that they make one with the other side . I agree...I think it would be interesting.....and funny.
OK, now the shot's I'd like you to see. This quilt hangs on the landing on the way up to my studio. The sign is an old headboard rescued from the garbage bin and painted by a friend from Maryland. It's the name of my doll business.

And today's Mail Art. Sent to me by Sharon. I sent her one but lost the photo. Anyway she has a thing for hands and put several on here and someone has a broken arm. I hope that's not an omen. No, it's those mail people...( I know, I used to be one.) Thank you Sharon! It's sunny and springy. Spring is here! I am seeing robins and the pear trees have bloomed and things are popping out of the ground. YAY! I am currently working on some mail art and will post that soon.


martha brown said...

Your art mess is perfect. I totally understand about the 8" of usable work space!

Debbie said...

And yet another thing in common! My art mess is almost identical. I have a tendancy to want to be able to see everyting--therefore, it is all on ,y desk and table. I, too, work my magic in about 8 sq. inches! Thanks for the sneak peak!

Julie Brill Molina said...

Thanks for showing your "creative chaos!" I love that truffles box! Hey, where did you get that jar of wax pellets? I've been looking for something like that. And also... are those pudding cups you use for brushes and stuff? If so... genius!