Friday, March 14, 2008

sweet weekend

Spicy, sweet, garlic, dill crayons? Why not. You might think this shelf is from the kitchen not the studio, but the wings are angel wings not chicken.

Just for the weekend...a bonus shot. Hey, everyone needs a little David. This is in the studio powder room.

Plans for this weekend include dining tonight at a dive that has the best chicken you will ever taste. But you need to bring your own sides. They serve this whole chicken with pickles and raw onions. Don't ask me must be an Okie thing.
A party on Saturday for one of our guys returning from Iraq. And on Sunday we go to see the play "Annie." Not much time for art but I will squeeze some in somewhere.
Have a great weekend yourselves!


Sharon said...

are you really that organized?
Yes, I "clicked to enlarge". Had to see it better. Clever girl

suze said...

OH, how I wished I were!

Debbie said...

If the "dive" is Eichen's, then I am soooo jealous! Best chicken in the world.

suze said...

Yes Debbie, we went to Eichen's.
They need to send that Guy from Diner's,Dives & Drive In's there. I know he could woof down a whole chicken. Last Saturday they sold 1000 chickens!
It is the best. DH said they will take that recipe to the grave with them.

Mo'a said...

Fun way to organize...I also enlarged the photo...organization can be fun and beautiful.
Sounds like you are having a fun weekend.

eve crowe said...

I love the little container marked "Wings" I need one of those!