Tuesday, March 18, 2008


My daughter informed me last night that Easter is THIS weekend! I thought it was next weekend. So as usual I am running late on my holiday's. But isn't this eraser just the cutest thing? I am always saying oops so I had to have it. And I make lot's of mistakes.
I got it at the Paper Crown. My favorite store for paper and fun goodies.
This is another view from the landing. Leading up to the studio you are greeted by Gabe and Adam....the altered guy's.

Have to run....Easter is just a few day's away, have to get some Peep's!


tascha said...

I know what you mean! St. Patty's day and Easter only a few days apart? Is that normal? I'm so confused! LOL!

Mary (craft addict) said...

It's definitely too early to get into Easter!

Susan said...

Time really does fly doesn't it. Gosh, it's already Wednesday. Yikes. Love the eraser. I never thought about a message on an eraser. Hmmm.
Sounds like a new project.