Monday, March 10, 2008

card art

Last night I was doing various art things while trying to tidy up the place and somehow I started to decoupage this deck of playing cards. I used printed tissue paper and napkins so it would be transparent and the numbers would show thru.
Sneak peek number 10. The bear jar with the buttons is very old. I would have to say it goes back to the 50's. I think it used to be my sister's. The top to it is lost but I think it had a slot in it to be used for a bank. I'm sure it came with cinnamon or something in it or maybe not.

Remember this suitcase from last summer? It was purchased from a local thrift shop and was a dirty white color. I put a coat of tannish brown (that's a color right?) And started to stamp it. Well, wait until you see what it looks like TOMORROW!


Sharon said...

OK now, you are just too busy playing ART. I love the deck of cards. I'm doin that. and I have an old attache case that I brought down from the attic just last week to decorate. I was going to first collage it and then play. Can't wait to see what you have done.

BlueJude said...

Cool Idea! Love the cards. You're so creative. And the suitcase is great too! Happy Tuesday!