Tuesday, March 4, 2008

tuesday peek

Studio peek number 3. Don't ask me what this is. These aren't staged, I just took random photo's. The poor doll is falling out of the bucket and there's a hand reaching out to help him? It just made me giggle.
Had a rough start to my day. Luckily I made it to bowling 30 minutes early. Because I locked my keys in the car along with my purse and bowling gear. And of course it was cold out. The police came to my rescue. The first policeman took a good 25 minutes and 4 or 5 different gadgets to try and open my car with no luck. Prior to this he told me that Fords are easy to get into.....NOT!
Not mine anyway. So he called for backup and the second guy had it open in 2 seconds. So I was able to bowl and I bowled well without any practice.....yay! And we won all of our games and kept ourselves in first place. One of the girls I bowl with thought I had been pulled over for speeding.
Not too bad, I have been driving for 40 years and this was only my second time locking myself out.

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BlueJude said...

That doll guy is TOOOO FUNNY! I'm almost bowled over with the giggles. (sorry couldn't help myself!) So so you have a rep for being a speedster? lol Happy Wednesday!