Wednesday, July 2, 2008

artful wednesday

After a bad day yesterday, I am feeling much better today. After cleaning some floors and washing bedding and rugs...I am headed to the studio for some healing art therapy......

And DH just called and said he is taking me out to dinner tonight. He was worried about me yesterday because I am prone to depression. Sweet guy! And I plan on doing some sewing. If I don't sew for a while I get with drawl symtoms, it's crazy!
Have a great Wednesday!


Sharon said...

I want to see more of that sewing. I love free style stitching. Art and sewing is a sure cure-all. Have fun

My Artful Heart said...

Hang in there sweetie! Yes, art is comforting to the soul for sure....and is great to turn to when you feel down.

So you know, I e-mailed you my mailing addy for the tag drawing (from the tea party)...hope that you got it.

Enjoy your healing art time :)


suze said...

I go it Amy, and they will be flying your way tomorrow.

Joanne said...

Hi glad you are feeling better...nothing like a little time in the studio to lift one's spirits!

Marc said...

Art therapy.
Sewing therapy.
Running therapy.

Its all good stuff and can help keep the demons at bay. Be careful though, they are sneaky little bastards!

Enjoy your night out!

Oh, and regarding Weech and his name, that is the story as I think I remember hearing it...but as the years pass like quarter miles with you at the wheel, I seem to remember less and less.