Friday, July 18, 2008

more cleaning aRt

I didn't do much with the studio yesterday. I took a break and went shopping. I got some new embroidery motif's for my sewing machine. Now I want to play with them. I got a new alphabet a year ago and could never get it to download to my USB. Sweet Charity at the Stitching Post did it for me yesterday. YAY! I can't wait to use it now.

A couple more things I accomplished while cleaning this week. I covered the above tin with tissue paper and napkins. I bought a bunch of tins and stuff at JoAnne's after Christmas sale at 90% off. Now anyone who knows me knows I cannot resist 90% off!

This is covered with just napkins.
Happy ArTfuL weekend!!


Sharon said...

All right now you've gone too far. I must step down from my self appointed thrown as the napkin queen. You get the crown. YES PUT NAPKINS ON EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

suze said...

Thank you Sharon. I will wear my crown proudly. Oh, an d I am nowhere close to being done...more tomorrow.

zorana said...

Amazing what you can do with napkins! Everything looks bright and beautiful.

Jacky said...

Great stuff with the napkins... I love them, they are so versatile (as so are so proudly showing us).

Love your napkin artwork!