Thursday, July 3, 2008

spinning the wheel of......crayons

Wanted to share this find with you all. These are Disney crayons, found at Michael's in the dollar bin. They aren't the best quality but I love the colors! They are different and weird colors....guess that's why I like them. But I am not coloring with them. I want to use the wrappers in collage and then melt the crayons into crayon cupcakes a'la Tracy Bautista. I'll let you know how that works out.

Found some time yesterday to play in Photo Impact. I took the photo at my daughter's house while on vacation. DH is home for four days...don't know how much art will get produced.


Sharon said...

Love the photo and what you did to it. Only you would buy the crayons for the paper. Love how your brain wheels turn.

shiborigirl said...

Hi Suze,

Thanks so much for stopping by my tea party - that was great fun on Saturday, wasn't it?

I think your photo of the crayons is beautiful - I was immediately drawn to the paper wrappers: GORGEOUS!

I'm intrigued to see what your plan for them will look like.

Come in for a visit anytime.


Debbie Musick said...

Don't you just love the dollar bins at Michaels? and Target? and any others? It is just my goal in life to find something for $1 and make priceless art!

Susan said...

Love the crayons and love the way you have them arranged for the photo. That looks way too good, you will have to go back to get more and make these into a wall hanging. Hugs.