Saturday, July 19, 2008


Another something covered with napkins today. It's this box that had Christmas motif's on it. After Christmas is the best time to buy. They practically give the stuff away. Here is my tip of the day....If you are covering something with tissue paper or napkins and (because they are transparent) the word or design that you are trying to get rid of (ie. holiday designs) keeps coming thru. Take a regular piece of paper with text or picture and put that over the design and when that dries then put your napkin on top. Layer as much as you want. On the above box I used a bingo card. I think it adds interest to the piece.

Just playing around with Photo Impact. I put this painting in and changed the colors. She's pretty wild.
Going out for Mexican food tonight...yum!


Jacky said...

Love how you have manipulated that photo with Photo Impact... looks great. I must have a go at that one day, but I face anything on the computer with much trepidation! (sook arent I?)

anni said...

I love your pretty collages! The layers!


Everwild said...

Sticking paper to other things is one of the best recreations in the whole wide world (well, okay, there *is* cow tipping, too). Did you use Mod Podge or plain ol' glue-n-water with your napkin maché?

Happy days!


suze said...

I used Royal Coat for decoupage, but I do use Mod Podge and I just got the new stuff called Collage Pauge by Traci Bautista but have not tried it out yet.