Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wednesday update

Happy Wednesday

Nothing new today. I cooked most of the kitchen that is and I baked a few clay items. But it did get up to 101 in Mustang.
Not much cooler today but I am venturing out and having lunch with a friend. And then back to you know where and try to finish up. The cats broke my stained glass. I don't think I can fix it but it's still pretty.

3 comments: said...

Very good......

Marc said...

Those darn cats!

101 in the Mustang...must be nice. Probable just a trot for the pony. Just for fun you should go out for a ride each day, drive past the bank, and match the temperature with speed. Of course you wouldn't want to do this in winter:)

No red bike shorts for me!

suze said... crack me up! I already have one speeding ticket here. It was over $100. I'd rather go shopping.