Monday, July 14, 2008

happy monday

Since I spend most of my Monday recuperating from whatever I did over the weekend, I am going to make Monday's on my of the week day. I will post a photo of whatever I deem to be photo of the week.

Saturday I was washing bed linens and had the washer full of hot water, bleach and the linens. And the washer just stopped! And it wouldn't drain. I tried several times to start it over but it still would not drain. So I left it to take a shower and when I returned I found this funny site of the washing machine with DH's head sticking out of it. I thought it was funny. That's it my photo of the week, but the others will be artsy. Just wanted to share.
Have a great week....make some art...I'm STILL cleaning the studio....but throwing in some art here and there.


Susan said...

Yikes, what a wild picture!! and what is it with washing machines? I hope you didn't have to wring out all those clothes by hand like I did. Sheesh! Here's hoping the parts come soon. Hugs. Susan

Anonymous said...

Great pic! LOL! Hope it's running soon. We had to wait on parts for ours for about nine weeks. Family of five and the laundromat just doesn't cut it.

zorana said...

Oh, that is funny! I hope he was able to fix it. Great photo!