Wednesday, July 16, 2008

new addition

Some of my friends have commented that my morning glory tat needed a hummingbird. (The morning glory is my grandsons' birth flower so it is to honor them.) But I did it. Here it is...and once again, no black outlines. I had to fight for the "no black" tattoo artist wants to omit the black outline and mine didn't want to either but she was pleased with the results as was I. It's a much softer look and I get tons of compliments and I think thats why.

Have to go....still working on the studio....that light at the end is getting brighter!


Anonymous said...

IS that an authentic TV guide page?! How fun is that! Stopping by from Sharons' to say hi!
To tell on myself, I can remember my mom in a Ben Casey shirt with a Beatles haircut..gosh where has the time gone???

bran said...

for a women who has no pain tolerance at all, you added another tattoo ???

suze said...

It doesn't hurt on the arm!